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Phil Hamilton, native from the Muckleshoot Tribe, Auburn, WA, has been a NW native artist since his early teens. He was asked to draw a series of animals found in the Northwest region for a book of the Muckleshoot History. In his early years, he attended The Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
He was selected as the artist for the cover of 2000 NW Fish Commission Report to US Congress.
Brenda Hamilton
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Phil Hamilton
He was the artist for the 2002/2003 Seattle Salmon Homecoming.
Dignitaries from across the U.S. have received his hand painted drums as gifts, including Governors, Senators, Congressmen, and President Bill Clinton.
He was commissioned in 2004 to paint a Cedar Burl for the City of Seattle.
Phil continues to design original Northwest Contemporary Native art using mediums of Canvas, Native drums, Cedar hats, Cedar burrows, garments of vests, jackets, coats, and hats. He also enjoys designing contemporary native jewelry.

Beside being very creative in the Native graphic arts, Phil plays guitar, sings, and composed new prophet worship songs. With the new release of original songs released 2015, new collaborated original songs with his wife, Brenda Hamilton, continue to be written.
Brenda Hamilton, Canadian First Nations from the Tsawout Band in East Saanich, B.C., Canada, handles the computer graphics, digitizing of Phil’s original artwork to prepare for embroidery, and computer web designs.

Brenda is also a worship leader, composing new prophet worship songs. With the release of "It's A New Sound" album in 2015, new sound recordings will follow as original songs are continually being written.
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